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RV shows offer a great opportunity not only to take advantage of the excitment and energy that's inherent of RV shows, but also to add high quality names to your customer data base for future business.
RV shows are not for everyone as they can be demanding both physically and mentally. There's also a built in urgency factor that not all sales people tune in to.
Success at RV shows doesn't just come from knowledge, but the application of that knowledge.
This course will give you the knowledge and convert that knowledge into skill, and skill is what makes money in RV sales.
Someone who does that right things will always out income someone who knows the right things.
Learn how to avoid many of the common mistakes, overcome more objections and make more sales!

PowerPoint presentations include instructor on video.

Running time varies depending on discussion. Allow approx. 90 mins to 2 hours.

Downloadable Zip File includes all video files, PowerPoint presentation and workbook.


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RV Show Selling Strategies Contents:

Before the Show:

Create a Desire for Customers to Attend the Show
Be Physically Prepared
Be Mentally Prepared
Know the Products in Your Display
Know Your Competition
What to Bring


At the Show:

Meet and Greet
Build Rapport and Trust with Open Ended Questions
Why People Object at Shows

Word Tracks:

Value/Urgency Statements
"Your Price to High" Responses
Getting Beyond Price
Handling Price Objections
Closing Statements
Exit Statements


Follow Up After the Show