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Good quality phone skills have never been more important. The phones are probably one of the toughest skills to master. Not because it's so difficult a skill, but because it's just not comfortable for many of us.
Getting comfortable and confident with RV customers on the phone will increase your sales and your income. That's reason enough to get good on the phones.
In this course we'll take you through the many reasons to get good on the phones, what it costs you if you neglect the phones, and the huge benefits to developing self confidence on the phones.
Success on the phones does not come from just knowledge but the application of that knowledge.

This PowerPoint Video Course will convert knowledge into skill and that is what makes money in the RV sales as well as help you avoid many common mistakes as well as help sales people overcome more objections and book more appointments.

PowerPoint presentations include instructor on video.

Running time varies depending on discussion. Allow approx. 90 mins to 2 hours.

Downloadable Zip File includes all video files, PowerPoint presentation and workbook.


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Phone Skills for Today's RV Market Contents:

4 Important Reasons To Learn How To Properly Use The Phone

Why don’t RV salespeople use the phone effectively and consistently & What are the Common Mistakes? 

What Are the Best Ways to Ask for Someone's Number?

Rules for Using the Phones.

Telephone Turnoffs to the Customer
What are the Costs of Not Making the Call?

What You Want to Accomplish on the Call.

Phone Facts:
Key areas that affect your unit sales and income.

Understanding The Types Of Phone Calls And Some Common Mistakes.

Facts About Your Phone Prospects.

Basic Communication Skills.

10 Steps to Setting an Appointment.

Bridging Sequences.

Phone Scripts:
Incoming Call Greeting
Identify Wants and Needs
Outgoing Prospect Call Greeting
Next Day Call
Setting an Appointment & Overcoming the Appointment Objections
What Is The Price/Best Price?
Handling the Irate Price Customer
Determine Customers Trade Information
Determine Customers Budget
Getting Customer’s Information/Address/Email